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Cranford settles in them. A fireman showed the students the trucks, equipment and the big map where all the calls come in. The fireman also showed them how they slide down the pole when they get a call and how their She says the Y is a great place to work, and the staff is like a family. A year ago, Cranford Superintendent Dr.

Scott Rubin started a conversation with the community bearing the now-infamous moniker. The conversation included ideas such as centralizing grade levels, adding additional busing, and offering Full Day Kindergarten. Months of debate led to a town-wide survey that Editor Email Robert Ramirez. Coupons may not be used for this event. Wed, June 24 pm — pm. View in Google Maps. Sign Up for E-Calendar Cranford. Add Towns Submit Content. TAPinto Nearby Advertise in This Town. In The Schools.

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The school also offers general peer With the shuttering of the nonprofit Arts Longmont in April after 36 years of supporting arts in the city, the future of the annual September studio tour was unknown until EBCA stepped in and took the reins as host. Attendees will get to gaze at boldly-hued paintings from Marlaina Faye. Mixing abstract with realism, she crafts a powerful display of a majestic buffalo against a sea of hot red.

Jeweler Laura Wallace, also on the tour, uses glistening ocean-washed pearls and natural gemstones to build wearable art. Once a pretty basic place of business is now a vibrant den of collective inspiration — where ideas are shared and memories made. During the course of the weekend, this studio space in downtown Longmont will open its doors to share insight and offer tour-goers an opportunity to tap into their own artistic tendencies.

Bricker will also have a space where visitors of all ages can create an ornament from speckled stoneware clay. She and her fellow studio artists will glaze and fire it for participants at no cost. She has photographed for weekly newspapers, album covers, performers, artists, and many others. See her blog for the latest! She loves to road trip and fly away with her Holgas whenever possible. Mari Shibuya Mari Shibuya is a local Seattle artist specializing in figurative work and geometric design. The work that she makes explores the natural patterns that permeate the physical and psychological world.

Shibuya has exhibited in galleries and public spaces up and down the west coast. Shibuya is a mural artist, youth arts educator and facilitator who emphasizes the use of visual arts as a means to empower youth to find their voice and vision for the future. She is very excited to be sharing the joy of oil painting and color with the youth of the Teen Arts Portfolio intensive this summer.

Mitchell Albala Mitchell Albala is a Seattle-based painter whose semi-abstract and atmospheric landscapes have been exhibited nationally and in Seattle at Lisa Harris Gallery.

His popular painting blog, which serves as a companion to his book, was awarded 12 on feedspot. Born in San Francisco and now living in the Northwest, Nate takes inspiration from his surroundings: the volatile interaction of the built environment and the naturally occurring world is a collision of contrasting visual information that he reflects upon in paintings, presentations, and collaborations with other artists. Visual art work and more information Nicholas Enevoldsen Nicholas Enevoldsen is an emerging artist living and working in the Seattle metropolitan area. After graduating, he devoted four years of intensive study at the Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy.

In addition, he has done numerous commissions for multinational companies. Ryan Weatherly Ryan Weatherly is a Seattle based artist and art educator. Since graduating he has continued his studio practice and has had multiple national exhibitions in Seattle, Chicago, New York and Portland. He has given visiting artist lectures at the University of Washington and Steven F. Austin University.

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His work is an exploration of personality psychology and neurological studies of empathy recognition and its relationship to fractured and emotive imagery. She enjoys early mornings and simplifying everyday objects into geometric shapes. He taught the summer camp capoeira program at Gage Academy of Art in and Silvio runs a Capoeira Nonprofit School in the International District called The International Capoeira Angola Foundation, located in the International District where he offers classes for adults, youth, kids, and toddlers.

This development stems from an earlier interest for more fantastical art, graphic novels, and a reverence for nature and art history. Today, he pulls from a wider range of influences in art and culture, from cave paintings, westerns and memoirs. Steven Reddy Steven Reddy draws detailed illustrations of urban scenes, cluttered interiors and complex still-lifes on location in ink and watercolor.

A teacher with Seattle Public Schools since , Reddy spent traveling throughout Southeast Asia, teaching English and recording his experiences in his sketchbook journals. Steven currently teaches Drawing and Illustration at Gage Academy in Seattle, teaches two popular on-line classes with Craftsy. Reddy has published two large format illustrated memoirs which showcase drawings spanning 35 years from his obsessive sketchbook diaries. Now Where Was I? Suze Woolf Suze has been drawing all her life.

After an initial undergraduate degree, she pursued fifth-year studies in printmaking and ceramics at the University of Washington. Her professional career has included the graphic design of printed materials and interface designs for commercial and prototype software applications. In the last few years she has devoted herself to the watercolor medium.

She finds intense visual experience to capture everywhere she looks. Tenaya Sims Tenaya has worked professionally as an industry artist, teacher, gallery artist, and business owner.

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Tenaya began working in the video games industry at Crystal Dynamics Eidos while in high school. After graduating from Carnegie Mellon University, he continued working in this field at Treyarch Activision. After feeling compelled to produce physical artwork, and to reach an equivalent level of mastery as the the historical painters that inspired him, Tenaya left the video games industry to apprentice full-time with artists Jeff Watts and Juliette Aristides for a duration of 5 years. Tenaya began his teaching career working with incarcerated youth while apprenticing with artist Juliette Aristides.

While this job was originally intended to finance his own studies, Tenaya found through working with these youth, that he had a passion for teaching. After completing his studies, Tenaya began teaching adults at a variety of venues. When a dedicated student base formed, he founded his own academy called Georgetown Atelier. Tenaya owned and ran Georgetown Atelier for 7 years as an independent organization, until merging with Gage Academy of Art in August Terry Furchgott A gifted artist and a talented teacher, Terry Furchgott has made art her career and her passion for over forty years.

Working primarily in acrylic and soft pastel, her paintings focus on the figure and are notable for their depth of color, strong, innovative compositions and exploration of the archetypal nature of human relationships. Furchgott received an honors degree in art history from Radcliffe College and studied classical drawing and painting at the Camden Arts Center, London. She brings a broad understanding of art history, seasoned practical experience, a continuing creative excitement and a questioning mind both to her creative process and to her work as a teacher.

The two practices are now inextricably interwoven. The need to articulate the subtleties of seeing form rather than content, for example, has helped him gain detachment from his immediate agenda while painting. Over the years, Tom has acquired a reputation as someone to work with when you want to loosen up your brushwork or simplify your approach. This is a lot to live up to. Who can say which came first? Valerie Collymore Professional Artist skilled in Fine Art Oil Painting in the French Impressionist Tradition, with several years of well-attended yearly solo exhibits and with a successful record of artwork sales.

Experienced and passionate Fine Art Workshop instructor with a demonstrated history of selling out workshops in the museum and art institutions industry. Experienced instructor to 30 regular weekly and monthly private students, including participants in the Emerging Artist Program at the Collymore Atelier a portfolio development, business development and professional launch program, with support throughout by the instructor and by a small community of like-minded Art Business Startup artists.

Art Startup business with demonstrated progressive growth and plans for a product launch in Former physician, who integrates her background in Science into the teaching of art by sharing the Science in Art and by breaking down complex art concepts into easily assimilated and user-friendly units, in a highly supportive environment that favors joyful experimentation and rapid progress. Connection to France: Formative years late childhood and adolescence spent in southern France. Yearly travel to southern France with a social life in that locale, as friendships from childhood have been maintained.

A deep passion for and love of the southern French landscape, which I am inexorably drawn to depict on canvas in the French Impressionist tradition.

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Senior Editor at Southwest Art magazine. Her work idealizes the theme of everyday, ordinary scenes while benefiting from such techniques and approaches as broken color, loose, choppy brushstroke and most importantly, a true and convincing effect of fluid, natural sunlight. She would be right at home next to works by Monet, Sisley and Pissarro.

Willow has been exhibiting her paintings in galleries for 20 years and instructing art courses to adults and youth since I feel it is integral to enjoy the process of art as much as the outcome. With this in mind I design curriculum that reflect both the inspirational and academic qualities within the creative process.

Aaron Coberly was born in Seattle in He has been drawing for as long as he can remember. He started taking art seriously as a teenager after being invited to attend a life drawing class. Living and traveling in Europe further inspired him. He began oil painting in His work is primarily figurative with a stylistic nod to the Masters and the Impressionists. Aaron runs an open painting and drawing session in Seattle. He resides in the greater Seattle area and is married with a young son.

Aron Hart. Aron Hart is an award-winning artist and art instructor, living in the Seattle area. He specializes in oil paintings and drawings.

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Dedicated to learning, Aron has continued to develop his skills over the years, studying locally and abroad, and most recently completing three years in the Drawing and Painting Atelier program at Gage Academy of Art. Barbara Fugate. Barbara teaches at Gage Academy of Art, and conducts art workshops in Washington and abroad. What is most inspirational is the transient nature of life; things dynamic, moving, and in transition.

Barbara Noah. Her art practice has included work in several media digital imaging, painting, print, photography, sculpture, installations, and public art. She received her B.

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Brian Snoddy. Brian Snoddy graduated from the Art Institute of Seattle in He helped to create the newspaper ads, coupon books, direct mail, and eventually became a product illustrator. At this time he also started working on storyboards for Saturday morning cartoons. In , Brian co founded and co created Privateer Press, the producer of the popular table top fantasy war game Warmachine.

Brian is also and avid Japanese arms and armor collector and researcher. Charles Emerson.