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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Stocking Stuffer Ideas. It's not your Grandma's coupon site! Early in spring when your plants are smaller and the temperatures are lower, you may only have to water every 3 or 4 days. As the plants get larger and the mercury creeps higher be prepared to water every day. You will also need to water more quickly if it is a windy day. Wind will cause pots to dry out more quickly, especially hanging baskets. As I said above, larger pots will dry-out less quickly than small pots.

11 Best Flowers for Hanging Baskets

For more in-depth watering information, click here. If you have had problems with your hanging basket in the past, I really encourage you to read the watering article. Another option to consider with watering is a drip irrigation system. The drip emitters limit wasted water from splashing on sidewalks and driveways. They also deliver the water directly to the soil by the plant eliminating water evaporation and lots of water on the leaves. Resulting in less disease and less water waste. The kit has everything you need to set up the system except the timer.

The only tool you will need is a pair of scissors. There are other drip irrigation systems out there also. They all work on similar principles. Drip irrigation systems can be turned into automatic systems by adding a timer to your hose. This timer can be set to turn on your water at specified times and on specified days. Many variations of timers are available.

Hanging Baskets

Your container plants are only getting nutrition if you provide it to them. After watering, fertilizer is the most important thing to keep your plants thriving. I usually recommend adding a slow or controlled-release fertilizer to your hanging basket right after you buy or plant it. This will provide your basket with a good constant dose of fertilizer. Be sure to follow the directions on your fertilizer package to make sure you don't damage your plants. By midsummer, I usually start using a water-soluble fertilizer once every one to two weeks.

Again, follow the directions on your fertilizer package. I do this for two reasons -- by this time the plants are very large and to keep them going takes more fertilizer plus some of the controlled-release fertilizer has already been used by the plant. I sometimes also use a dose of water-soluble fertilizer after a heavy rain. A lot of water going through your basket, like you get with a big rain storm, can wash out fertilizer. A dose of water-soluble fertilizer the next time you water is a good, quick way to give your plant some food. For more in-depth information on fertilizing, click here.

There are two other things you may want to do to help maintain your basket for the long-haul. First, some plants may need deadheading. On our website "Deadheading Not Necessary" is listed under features for those plants which do not need deadheading. The second thing you may want to do is a midsummer trim.

Hanging baskets can become a bit stretched or open looking over time, even when you are doing everything right. If this happens, I give my baskets a "haircut" in mid to late summer. This simply means I take a sharp pair of scissors or shears and trim a few inches off the entire basket, like when you get your hair trimmed. How much you cut off is up to you, a light trim of an inch or two is usually plenty, but there are times when a bigger trim might be good.

If you have long trailing pieces that you don't like, feel free to cut them off. Giving the basket a haircut will rob you of some flowers, but it will increase branching, tighten the habit, and help keep the basket looking good long-term. Your flowers should come back with in a few days to a week or so and your plant, given enough fertilizer, is likely to start growing more strongly again.

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